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Community Articles
29 October 2015
By Christopher Lawrence Reis O’Brien started out his Rocky Horror career by being literally thrown into the part of “Brad Majors” in a cast called “The Erotic Nightmares.” Little did he know years later he would be contributing to Rocky Horror pop culture history. We recently had the opportunity to ...
02 July 2015
  I first became aware that The Rocky Horror Picture Show was shown at all in Taiwan last year, when a friend forwarded me a photo featuring a shadowcast performer as Frank posing in front of the Mandarin Chinese-subtitled movie screen, belting it out to Sweet Transvestite. As it turned out, i...
Ruth F-W
19 May 2015
What has Larry Viezel, The Royal Mystic Order of Chaos, and articles you can quote in your senior thesis? New book “Fan Phenomena: The Rocky Horror Picture Show”! “Fan Phenomena: The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (2015, Intellect Books, ed. Marisa Hayes; $16.74 at  is...



18 - 21 August 2016


Not much to say at this point other than RKO Army will be reprising their success in 2016!

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The RKO Floor Show shared 3 photos in the Stream Photos album 4 weeks ago

We are doing shows every other month on the third Saturday! 10pm

Photos are being loaded
The RKO Floor Show has a new avatar. 4 weeks ago
RHRFrankie created a new topic ' RHR - Castle Viewing Party - Michigan' in the forum. 4 weeks ago

Open to anybody and everybody. If you happen to be in Ann Arbor Michigan on October 20th - stop on by this Rocky Horror Resurrection Event.


RHRFrankie created a new topic ' FOX RHPS2 new promo trailer #5 and Time announced' in the forum. 4 weeks ago

Hi Everybody!
The Fox TV promotion juggernaut continues; more press interviews, more cast sales pitches and of course a new promotion video.
* Various interviews have indicated a few tidbits of interest.
1- Reportedly Tim Curry offered to do the character Dr. Scott (because both use a wheelchair). The producers/director thought he might do a better as the Narrator.
2 - It is reported that the producers/director have incorporated audience participation comments (and ??) into the script and show.
You can see hints of this in the previously released promo videos. A more prominent role for "Trixie" and scenes with fans.
3 - Also in this "re-imagining", are attempts to make it unique and putting back into the 'film' previously cut out songs/words etc from the original movie script.
4 - Tim Curry reportedly has blessed the new RHPS2 version given it his OK.

* New promo video released recently
Another Fox TV video was released. Again, it's too large to email out but here is the link. It's mostly a video of some 'behind the scenes' movie shots and more explanations the RHPS2 version. It appears they are trying to answer some FAN criticism's being posted on the web. Titled - 'finding Frankie'. Some actual TV promo's have been seen recently too, using the prior released FOX TV promo's.

That makes a total of 5 promo trailers and 3 spots. Not counting the comic con interviews. Contact me if you need details on where to find them.


Troy Martin shared a photo. 1 month ago

Julie Ford, Chelsie Kraemer Marquez, Barry Bostwick, Troy Martin, Frank V. Farrell
Patricia Quinn, Nell Campbell, Tim Curry
Los Angeles CA
July 9, 2016...
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Troy Martin Richard Gifford, Nell Campbell, Julie Ford, Patricia Quinn, Barry Bostwick, Troy Martin
Los Angeles CA
April 20, 2013
1 month ago

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