Rocky Roundup 3/30/14

Rocky Roundup 3/30/14

Welcome, new readers! And you’re all new readers, because this is just the first of many such articles to come. You can now say you were on board before it was cool, you dirty hipsters. For all you people curious about the big wide world of Rocky, here's what you missed this week:

b2ap3_thumbnail_001-01b---Tim-Curry-Q-and-A.jpgBig news! Tim Curry (you know, that guy who played Frank-n-furter) made an incredibly rare public appearance on Thursday 3/27 in Los Angeles. In fact, since reports say that no recording devices were allowed at the event, it may have been a collective hallucination, but a fantastic hallucination nonetheless. The theater (allegedly - hallucination, remember?) showed various clips from throughout his career, including a complete 35mm screening of his music video “I Do The Rock”, and the man himself spoke about his work and answered audience questions. Still wheelchair-bound after his stroke last year, he’s said to be improving greatly, and is currently working on his memoir.

b2ap3_thumbnail_001-02---That-Type.jpgThe Rocky Horror Saved My Life crew visited That Type in Charlotte, NC  to film for their upcoming documentary, and were wowed by the Cinebarre theater where the cast performs. I’d be impressed, too – check it out in that photo above, they get KETCHUP! My theater doesn’t have ketchup, I’m jealous. Even more jealousy-inducing? The cast appeared at Mad Monster Party that same weekend, a convention hosting - among other guests - Barry Bostwick, Patricia Quinn, and Nell Campbell (can we still call her Little Nell, nearly 40 years later?) Not only did the cast perform at the convention, the original actors jumped up on stage during a few scenes and helped out. Check out these videos of the Time Warp and floor show on the cast's Facebook page!

b2ap3_thumbnail_001-03---Blaze-burlesque.jpgDown in Dallas, shadowcasting and burlesque united in “Oh, Rocky!” by the new (dare I say, virginal?) burlesque company, Texas Burlesque Peepshow. Featured artists brought acts to the stage with numbers like “Make You A Man” and “Sweet Transvestite”, or brought Rocky inspiration into their costuming and themes. The lovely Blaze (right) paid homage to Columbia’s floor show in one of her numbers; appropriate, as she is a former Columbia (among other hats worn through her time with Rocky) from the Full Body Cast in Boston. DFW-area Rocky casts Amber Does Dallas and Los Bastardos also made special appearances, showing the burlesque community what a shadowcast is all about with a performance of "Time Warp" by ADD and intermission entertainment by LB.

b2ap3_thumbnail_001-04---Newbie-Night_20140406-223958_1.jpgRocky wouldn’t have stuck around for nearly 40 years if it weren’t for fresh meat coming in – isn’t that why we celebrate virgins at our shows so…vigorously? Casts, too, must have new people joining, or old cast playing new roles, and so Sins o’ the Flesh recently celebrated Newbie Night. Check out this adorable Hot Patootie video, via cast member Joey! I must say, I love seeing new people in my cast perform, so sweet and nervous, and not yet jaded from doing the Time Warp again...and again...and again.


 Around the Corner: Other Shadowcast News

b2ap3_thumbnail_001-05---Repo.jpgAddicted to the Knife, Los Angeles’s Repo! The Genetic Opera cast, gave what many thought would be their last show this January. Thankfully for the greater shadowcasting community, they were just kidding (or someone at the switchboard got some wires crossed and has now been sacked), and they came in with a bang for the cast's 5th birthday celebration! They teased their followers about inviting special celebrity guests, though they never actually announced who those guests were, but some suspicious tweets from director Darren Lynn Bousman made it a little obvious. Keep up those payments, AttK, and kill 'em dead at your next show. (Photo courtesy Castle Corsetry.)

In closing, a randomly-selected ridiculous tumblr photo:


Want your local cast featured here? Encourage fans, cast members, and cast pages to post photos and hashtag them appropriately for all to see! I'll be looking around for interesting theme shows, exciting guest appearances, and good old fashioned Rocky fun from all over the world to highlight.

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