Mini-review: Wild and Untamed Thing: Richard O'Brien - the Lost Interview

  • Wild and Untamed Thing - Phil South, 2014.This is actually an unedited transcript of an interview Phil South did of Richard O'Brien in 1985. It's available in book form (published on demand through Lulu - check out that faux-retro cover!; Amazon has a Kindle version) and includes a thoughtful preface, an afterword (what happened to Richard?), a good mini-biography of Richard, and an interesting appendix that includes some information on the auction of Michael White's affairs that netted fan Larry Viezel the treatment for "Rocky Horror Shows His Heels" (which you can get Richard's blow-by-blow description of in the interview). A treat for Richard fans; 106 pages. I read it in one sitting. Rather a nice little book trailer with some nice images and Richard's voice from the tape here: 
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