Shout out to Sins (LA)

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Ruth F-W created the topic:
Just a brief shoutout to Sins; attended their "Vegas" theme night tonight while in LA for a college reunion. It was an appropriate reunion stop; while I was in a two-bit little mall cast as an undergrad, we'd go out to see Rocky at the Nuart when we wanted to see a "real" show (you know, with a full crew, all the secondary costumes, a stage - all the things one is often missing at a mall). I haven't seen Rocky at the Nuart in 20 years and I'm so glad Rocky is still there and going strong - some of the current cast weren't born yet the last time I set foot there.

It felt a bit like coming home, though I've never performed with Sins. Many of the lines I've taken with me during my Rocky career (Iowa; Illinois; Indiana; South Carolina; Nebraska and back to Illinois) I first heard at the Nuart.

Bernie Bregman came out to the show; it was great to see you, Bernie. I had a really good time hanging out and shouting lines.

Sins did up the Vegas theme; a pretty boy in a short skirt offered various drinks off a menu full of double entendres; there was a buffet during dinner scene; Trixie wore feathers (of course); Brad and Janet even made a tiger appear in an empty box; and various appropriate musical numbers were cut in over the film soundtrack. Elvis made a guest appearance as you can guess who; Riff was Hunter S Thompson (played by a girl; I didn't even realize until space scene - kudos); and Frank was Cher (of course). Theme nights are at their best when approached whole hog and they did.

I missed the old trailer from The Wall they always used to play, and John Waters' "No Smoking" clip was nowhere to be seen, but a Chuck Avery cartoon was screened ("Rock-a-Bye Bear" is apparently still in rotation), so all is well with the world. The Rocky print is apparently about 3 years old but it doesn't look it; it's in beautiful shape.

If you're in LA, go see them; it's a good time, even if not viewed through 20-year-old nostalgia.

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