FURTERS DEMON ( RHPS fan fiction, read it if you are bored) :)

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What do you do when you are home on a Friday night, love Rocky Horror and also love the writings of author Larry Niven? You write some crappy-but-fun fan fiction for the crowd.This is a re-write of a story that first appeared in Crazed Imaginagtions. Enjoy the cross-over fiction, kids. :)

What happens when Dr. Frank N. Furter conjurs up an actual, factual demon and fears for his mortal soul? Let's find out in...


Frank N Furter was bored. Boredom was the curse of intelligent people, and he was very intelligent indeed, and at the moment there was nothing to be done for it.

The three of them, Riffraff and Magenta and himself, had made planetfall just yesterday. The servants were active, as they had much to do: contacting local establishments for materials and supplies, arranging for a delivery boy so they need not venture into human population centers, setting up the various machines and equipment in the lab, and more.
But for Furter, there was noting to do but supervise, and the brother-and-sister domestics needed little supervision, if any. That left him with many hours of free time for the next week or so, and he needed something to occupy him. Wine and drugs were not enough of a distraction, and is visits to the Zen room were less and less often

So Furter sat himself down and studied earth cultures, and thats where he came across a subject that was totally unknown on Transexual: witchcraft and magic, and religion in general. There was no God or Goddess worship on his home planet,, and he found the concept facinating. Furter procured books from a local bookshop: Books on all the major religions, plus many of the fringe faiths, and he exclaimed a 'HA!' when he came across an experiment he wanted to try:
Frank would attempt to conjure up a demon.

Furter read all inbormation he could, and began in the freezer located next to the lab. It was not yet functional so it would be warm enough, and the heavy door and walls gave him the priuvacy he needed, as well as kept him out of the servants way as they worked.
And at midnight he began the experiment: He had the candles, the cauldron of bubbling blood ( synthetic, but blood all the same ), and drew a pentagram on the lab floor...and paused. The book said the demon would appear IN the pentagram after he said the incantation, but would a demon want to appear laying on the floor? It was a bit dirty after all, and summoning up a demon to request a wish was an important thing, he didnt want to seem rude by having said demon appear on a dirty floor...
He erased the pentagram and re-painted it on the wall. The demon would appear standing up, facing him.

Frank opened the book, recited the magic words, and uch to his suprise he was rewarded with a flash of light and the sudden stink of sulpher ( brimstone? ) and he coughed, wiped his eyes, and saw standing before him what could only be a demon. An actual, factual demon. it was man sized, and in fact looked like man in general...except he was naked, had no genetals, bellybutton, or nipples and was cherry red from head to pointed tail. There were also two small, black horns on his forhead.

"Its been over 500 years since anyone's called me up, I was starting to think you people forgot how," the demon complained as it sniffed the air.
"They...they keep drawing the pentagran on the floor," Furter said as he regiarded this amazing new scientific discovery. A demon!
"On the floor/!?" the demon made a face of distaste."They want mme to appear on MY BACK!?!"
"Im afraid so. Can I..offer you something?"
The demon looked Furter oer for a second, sniffed the air in his general direction, and said,
"Aint human, are ya?"
"No," Frank repplied.
"Dosent matter, not a problem, I'll take your soul anyway. They're all pink on the inside and all that," and the demon laughed at his joke.
"I have a soul?" Frank asked. He had not contemplated that aspect of his research.
" 'Course ya do, buddy. You called me up,, didnt you? Couldnt have called me up if ya didnt jave a soul to trade. Uh, you DO know how this works dontcha?"
"Not really. Im...new around here. Explain it to me please?" Frank siled and sipped a drink that he didnt know his hands had grabbed. And his fingers were shaking...he was just a little cautious. After all, he never expected this to actually work!
"Here's the deal," said the demon, " You called me up, you get a wish, ONE wish. You cant wish for more wishes, you cant wish to back out of the deal. I go back to hell, report your wish, and it gets granted. After its granted I appear back in the pentagram, and thats when I take your soul. If you run or hide, I can leave the pentagram and find you. Any evidence of our arangement gets erased, so dont try to leave a letter or video tape or anyting explaining what happened... nd then its eternity in the smelly hole for you. Any questions?"
'The pentegram...its a teleportation device isnt it? Advanced science, not just 'magic', correct?"
"Heh, very good, very SMART.You really aint from around here, are ya? Well, dont een think about destroying the pentegram. If you do, Im free to appear anywhere. Now, sweety, whats your wish?"

Frank had not thought that far, eitther. His only interest was actually conjuring up a demon, he never gave thought to is soul or if he had one or what he would wish for if indeed a demon did appear. And for the first time, Frank was actually starting to become afraid. He thought of a million things he would like, theh secret to life itself being the first... but what good would that secret do him if he were in hell? No, he had to wish for someting thhat would get him out of this mess! But..what?
He had it!

"I wish to for time to be stopped." Frank figured the demon would not be able to grant that wish, because if he stopped time he would not be able to come back up to Earth to collect Furters soul, and thus default. Frank could claim he failed in his claim to grant any wishes othher than already stated: stalemate.
"HA! An oldie but a goodie! No sweat, Doctor-from-another-planet, your wish will be granted. Look at the clock."
A clock suddenly appeared on the wall above the pentegram. It was set at 24:00
"For one day and night, a twenty four hour period, time will stop. No time will pass outside of your experience, and no time passage will effect your body. And at the end of that 24 hour perio of no time I will return and your would will be MINE."
Another flash of light, more stink of rotton eggs, and the demon was gone.
And Frank only had 24 hours left to live.

Part 2 coming up

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Bill Brennan replied the topic:
FURTERS DEMON (part 2/conclusion)

Frank looked at the clock on the wall, and it had started its countdown. The wall red 23:56 so frank assumed that the demon had 'stopped time'. But he didnt feel any different, no different at all. Nothing seemed different, until he lifted the glass to his lips: the wine in the glass did not flow from the hhalss to his lips. In fact, it stayed at the bottom of the glass, clinging like jello. Furter probed the wine with his finger and found that it had the consistancy of jello, and he was able to scoop the wine up and into his mouth. It turned to liquid the moment he closed his mouth.
"Local field..anything that enters thhe field, enters me, returns to real time. Amazing."
Frank held the glass out at arms length and let it go and stepped back. The glass hung in the air, suspended by no-time.
Frank smiled at this, the lack of physics was wonderful! Then he glanced back up at the clock: 21:00 and remembered that he still had his soul ( Do I have a soul? Really? he wondered absently) to save.

Frank walked up and around the castle: both Riffraff and Magenta were still as statues as they cleaned and dusted. None of the machines worked, there was power but no reaction. The air seemed stale, there was no noise at all but his footsteps.
Frank went outside and walked the castle grounds: the dogs were also statues, there was no wind, no birds chirping, nothing moved at all but him.
And he started the long walk to the nearest town, Denton.

The first place he came to was a church (Denton Episcopalian Church,services at 10:30 am and 12:30pm) but the door was closed, the windows unbreakable. He would find no help from there. The rest of Denton was equally as still and lifeless,, as was, he assumed, the rest of the world. Perhaps even the local galaxies...
Frank wasted time. He stopped at DTV studios to try to video tape what had happened, but none of the cameras would work. He tried to write what had happened but neither paper nor pen would work, When he scrawled in the dirt the letters filled up with dust and dirt particles as soon as he wrote them. The demon (DEMON!) was true to his word: no record of the event would be allowed.
Twice Frank N Furter stopped in local bars and helped himself to huge amounts of wine and champagne ( consumed with the assistance of a straw and spoon) and left notes saying "Send me the bill, Dr E.V.Scott" with a local government address. He laughed at his own little joke and consulted his watch...he had a few scant hours left.
He watched the letters of his note erase themselves ( more magic, more defying of physics, more facination!) and suddenly Frank smiled. Then he laughed and clapped his hands together and had a celebratory spoon full of champagne.
He had figured out a way to save himself.

Furter erased the pentram and held a black marker in one hand at the ready. He watched the countdown, second by second, until the clock reached 00:00. A flas of light, a cloud of smelly smoke, and Furter reached out with the marker and started to re-draw the pentegram as fast as he could.
The cloud dispersed, and there stood the demon.
"Re-drew the pentegram and made it smaller, eh? Thats no problem, mortal. I can just shrink myself down a little bit and appear inside the pentegram, only smaller, and then we can go!"
A flash of smoke and the demon vanished, re-appeared, and was roughly and one quarter his original size.
"Hey where the hell is the pentegram!?! I can feel it, but I cant find it!"
Another flash, and the demon vanished and re-appeared, this time even smaller!
"Dammit, where's the fucking...!!??!!"
Another flash, another vanishing and re-appearing and the demon appeared, the size of a mouse, and Furter heard an angry squeeling. The flashes got faster and faster, smaller and smaller, until they vanished altogether.
Frank smiled and inhailed a lungfull of air, he had not known he was holding his breath, and congratulated himself on his close call, and thanked the demon for the information that let him save himself.
He remembered that the demon had to reappear in the pentegram,, if one was there. Furter erased the original pentegram and re-drew it...on the demons own chest. And by now the demon was well on his way to the subatomic universe, falling between the very atoms themselves always trying to reappear in a space that was always growing too small.

END ( and check out Larry Niven's books, the man's a genius at aliens and characters!)

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Clever solution!

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